Make your presence a blessing for others

by Jack on September 2011

Here’s a fun question to ponder: How can I best make my presence a blessing for others?

What I mean by this is simple and subtle.

It’s not about changing the physical environment around you – your Presence is the same whether you’re in the middle of an empty field, a shabby ghetto apartment, or the Presidential Suite at the Four Seasons. Because your true self is non-physical, it doesn’t depend on anything physical in order to influence those around you to enjoy a better subjective experience of life..

It doesn’t depend on your words or your actions. Your Presence is the same whether you are speaking or silent, still or moving, awake or asleep.

It doesn’t depend on your physical body. No touch or physical interaction is needed. Being in the presence of a person whose mind is still and pure is calming and nourishing for others, at a very profound and non-physical level.

But how can a person most effectively do this for others?

The simplest and most direct is to still the mind and create an abiding inner peace within yourself. Relating to the world from a way of being that is peaceful and still, you will naturally radiate this kind of energy into the world around you.

By recognizing your True Self as the observer of the thought-stream, and not the thought-stream itself, you enter a place of stillness.

Thoughts are often like an unpredictable, raging river. When a person is swimming in a torrent, struggling to keep his head above water, he may not recognize that he’s not the river, he’s just in the river.

But when he chooses to swim to the riverbank, climb out, and recognize that he is separate from the river, then he can become a rescuer of others. He can spend his time throwing ropes to others and helping pull them over to the riverbank as well.

Your stillness and presence – your True Self – are gifts that you can give to everyone around you.


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Michael Pettet September 21, 2011 at 09:20

Thank you. I wish I could find some simple and straight forward guidance on calming and quieting the mind. A lot of well intentioned but misguided information is floating around, and this is a very important subject.

Thank you again for this post.


Harsh Joshi December 2, 2020 at 05:36

Hello, Thanks for sharing this blog. This Blog is Interesting and Useful too


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