Why “Thirty Two Thousand Days”?

Most people count their age in years.

But our concept of “day” is far more intuitive – we wake up, we do stuff, we go to bed. Done. Check off one of your days, never to be repeated. I hope you did something glorious and beautiful.

A day is like a blank page in your journal. (You do write in a journal, don’t you?) Every morning we start with a blank page of possibility and intention and every night we finish off with a new day of experience and results, written in the journal of our life.

My intention – and probably yours too – is to write something good and meaningful on each of those days.

We don’t remember what happened before we became consciously aware of having a human body. We don’t know what happens after those human bodies die. In between those points we write our experience in our book of life for approximately 32,000 days [1]. This is our experience as a human being living on planet Earth.

So I named this web site for a lifetime measured in days. It’s a reminder to myself and to you that life is limited and we must take action now on things that are important to us. Most things that we’re “going to do ‘next year’ or ‘some day'” don’t ever happen.

As a life coach, and in keeping with my practical, action-biased philosophy of practice, I write on a variety of motivational and inspirational topics. The goal of the free articles is to help you live a life of happiness, abundance, contribution, and inner peace.

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[1] Results not guaranteed. YMMV.

About The Coach

Picture of Jack

I’m Dr. Jack Bennett. The above is a picture of me.

Here are a few random facts about me.

I like doing yoga.

I go to Toastmasters (the public speaking organization) regularly. I joined out of interest in public speaking and stayed because of the people and relationships. That sounds like a slogan.

I’ve been practicing meditation (Zen and later Vipassana) for about 20 years. I meditate imperfectly.

I grew up in Toronto, Canada. (Insert Canadian jokes here – “eh”, “aboot”, etc. They don’t bother me – but I’ve probably heard them all before.)

Before becoming a life coach, I worked in the past as a research + teaching assistant, and lecturer (University of Toronto, Brown) (aka The Academic Years), university administrator, technology transfer analyst, software engineer, and equities trading strategist.

I eat a vegan diet, but I’m not one of “those” vegans. You are safe from judgment if you should eat a filet mignon in front of me.

If you’d like to know anything else, just ask.

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