Whenever I talk with others about my coaching method, I always return to the themes of intense listening, non-judgment, and creating space.

I can’t promise you that through the experience of coaching with me you’ll create the exact results in your life that you want. I can only promise that I will do the following: set my own agenda and ego aside during our time together, listen to you with one-pointed focus, and without judgment, like you’re the only other person in the universe, and create a space in our conversation for your transformation in the ways and in the directions that matter most to you.

This approach to coaching is inspired by and grounded in my twenty years of practicing Buddhist meditation (Zen and Vipassana) and my three years of yoga practice. I believe that clearing the mind and listening intently – not for words but for feelings – forms a great foundation for the coaching conversation, in which transformation takes place.

My training in NLP helps me to interpret the language you’re using and interrupt and unpack certain presuppositions that you may be unconsciously using, that are in any way misaligned with your highest good. In holding the space for transformation open, I consciously sweep clean the space we have created, of any words or language that oppose your transformation in the directions and ways that are most important to you. (Even if – especially if – a voice inside happens to be the source of those words.)

The Three Principles, a philosophy of mind developed by the philosopher Sydney Banks, as another pillar of my coaching methodology. Essentially, he describes our experience of our thirty two thousand days of life as a human in terms of three fundamental principles.

Mind – the formless space in which our experience takes place.
Consciousness – the ability to perceive our experience.
Thought – the fundamental building blocks of experience and the means by which we can direct and shift our subjective experience to some degree.

None of our subjective experience can be described in anything outside of these three principles.

The philosophy of Stoicism also forms an important basis for my coaching. Any possibility for transformation in the future only emerges from a deep and radical embrace of and love for “what is, now”.

When plans for the future are created based on a fantasy version of the present situation, it’s hard to make them happen. In plotting a practical course from A to B, it’s important to have as real and accurate a picture as possible of “A”. While our picture of the world is never perfect, a conscious drive to understand the absolute truth of our own situation is the best way of ensuring that we are headed in the right direction for us.

About Coaching

As a coach, I do not define what you “should” do or what you “should” want. Instead, we work together to identify areas where you want improved results, and then to take action together to get you those results. You don’t need to be “fixed” – you aren’t broken.

A coach is not a therapist or mentor. Therapists work to help people with emotional or psychological problems, while coaches help already healthy people improve their lives and get better results. Mentors generally have a high skill level in a specific area and work to share this specific skill with others, whereas coaches work at a bigger picture level – on the overall framework of habits, practices, and behaviors – that helps people get better results in many areas of life.

Policies and Rates

To get started, please fill out the Application for Coaching and answer the questions. It will take no more than 5-10 minutes and helps me lot in identifying how best to serve you.

Introductory Session
Your introductory session is provided at no charge (30-60 minutes).

The introductory is a conversation intended to help us identify the changes that you wish to make now, and to assess whether hiring me as your coach is the very best way possible for you to move forward now and transform your life in the way that you want.

I offer 1, 3, 6 or 12 month coaching packages. A longer time commitment to coaching represents a greater financial, time, and personal investment in yourself. To encourage this investment, I reward clients who enroll for longer contracts with lower per-session fees.

Don’t waste another day! If you’re curious to experience an introductory session (no charge and no future obligation) and to learn how coaching can transform your life for the better, fill out a short Application for Coaching now and let’s get started working together transforming your life!

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